Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Review

I had my first early Saturday morning shift since May at my part time job this weekend.  I'm broke as a joke (working for the state is not as glamorous and high-paying as some would imagine *grin*), so I decided to start working part time in the fitness center of a country club in the winter of 2008.  I don't work a ton of extra hours, as I already have full time job to keep me busy, but enough to see a little extra in my bank account each month.  I got to a point where Saturday mornings were my main shift.  I would go to bed super early on Friday nights, and get up around 4:30 the next morning to get ready and be there to start opening up around 5:30.  I know that sounds horrible, but it wasn't so bad.  My boyfriend is a bartender and works every Friday night, so it isn't like I was missing out on quality time with him.  Anyway...I pretty much worked every Saturday morning up until May when I decided to join a training team to train for my first half marathon.  The group did our long runs on Saturday morning, so I obviously couldn't be in both places.  After a lot of consideration, I decided to take the summer off from my part time job and just focus on running.  And now that the race had passed, I'm back on the job.  I will keep running and training for future races, but now I can do it on my own time.  I now have the confidence to do those long runs without the group.

I was so pumped about my first successful running attempt on Friday; I wanted to give it another go on Saturday.  After a nice afternoon nap to recharge, I headed out with the pup to try it again.  This time around we did 2.5 miles.  We walked a little so I could take a minute or two to assess the situation and make sure that I wasn't hurting anything, but we did run most of it.  Again, there was a little pain afterward, but nothing intense.  I did go home and ice, but all in all I think it was a success.  I'm looking forward to getting back out there this evening after work.  I'll let you know how it goes.

I decided to rest my legs on Sunday.  I was feeling good, but I don't want to rush back into it too soon and then have to take another giant step back.  Instead of running I went out to volunteer for a local race, the Runner Bill's K-9k.  When I heard about this race, I really wanted to run in it because it benefits the Richmond Animal League (RAL) here in Richmond.  This is the shelter where my wonderful pup, Roman, came from.  Unfortunately, my leg wasn't up for this run, so I decided the next best thing was to volunteer.  I was one of the course marshals and I really enjoyed it.  I liked seeing the faster runners hauling down the course...this isn't a sight I'm used to as I'm normally closer to the back of the pack.  The only negative about the race is that the turnout was rather small.  Now that I think about it, I wish I had been up for running this one...I probably would have had an age group finish!

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