Friday, September 10, 2010

Things are Looking Up...and a Few Other Random Thoughts

Anyone who has taken the time to read my blog up to this point knows that I've been struggling with some hip and leg issues.  Well, tonight I have seen my first real sign of improvement.  As I was walking my pup down Monument Ave, I started thinking about how I often see folks running in the grassy median.  I have always been one to stick to the sidewalk, but at that moment it occurred to me that maybe I could try to run a bit on the softer grass and maybe it wouldn't be quite as much pressure on my leg as is the unforgiving concrete of the sidewalk.  To my delight, that was exactly the case.  I'm not going to say that it was 100% pain free, but it was as close to it as I have come in quite sometime.  I'm not going to hold my breath just yet that I'm completely on the mend, but this has at least given me some hope.

All in all we did 3.34 miles.  A good majority was walking, as that's what we started out doing, but we finished strong once I found the courage to give running a try.  I can say that my pup sure wasn't expecting that workout.  I think that may be the longest walk/run he has had up to this point in his short life...and he is BEAT!


Now on to a few random thoughts...

I won a Twitter contest last month through K-SWISS and Josh Cox.  I won a pair of the new Blade Light Run shoes.  Well, they finally came in the mail yesterday.  I really like them, but I think they are just a little too small.  I had never worn K-SWISS shoes before so I just told them a 10.5 like I have worn in every other running shoe I have had.  I guess these run a little different in size and I need an 11. (Side note--yes, I know, I have huge feet!)  I hope they will let me send them back and exchange sizes!

The Kicks

I had a moment of weakness today.  After reading many blog posts over the past week that have mentioned cupcakes, I have been craving them like crazy!  After work today I stopped by the local cupcake shop, Carytown Cupcakes, and picked up a few.  Now let's see if I can keep from eating all of them!


Ok, well, I guess that's all for now.  I'm off to bed.  4 AM will be here before I know it.  Now if only I was waking up that early for a good long run...but no, this is for my part time job.  Yes, I'm crazy.


  1. I have a coupon for Carytown Cupcakes, I have really wanted to try them. Have you gone to Two Sweet Cupcakes in Short Pump? I am mildly obsessed with them. Definitely bought half a dozen from there yesterday!

  2. I also have leg and hip issues. I am currently seeing a Chiropractor and its really helping. Laser therapy has made a big difference. In my case the hip pain is referral pain from my running stance and and some other issues. I'm new to the running blog world, but I have done a couple marathons. Good luck with your PT work, I hope it helps. I believe that both PT and Chiropractic can improve running success.