Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend In Review

My weekend plans did a complete 180 on me.  What I thought I would be doing, I didn't do...and what I didn't plan on doing, I did.  Sometimes that's just how it goes.

Not exactly the case, but you get the point...

I had planned on running a 10k race this weekend, but unfortunately that did not happen.  As I mentioned in my last post, my back is giving me fits.  As of Friday evening, I had pretty much decided the race was not going to happen, but a part of me was still holding out hope.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would wake up Saturday morning and miraculously feel better.  That was not the case. 

I was pretty sure I wouldn't be getting up early to run, so I decided it wouldn't hurt to accept an invitation to paint with my boyfriend's mother again.  We have had one lesson already, so she thought we should go ahead and start working on an actual painting.  I still have a lot of work to do on it, but I'm pleased with what I have done so far. 

A work in progress
When I got up Saturday morning, I knew that the race was officially off the table.  I think that I could have powered through it, but I decided to be smart and not risk it.  I have the Army Ten Miler coming up in 2 weeks, and I REALLY want to run this race.  I decided I would much rather skip this 10k than risk causing even more damage and missing out on the big race in DC.

Now that I had some free time for the morning, I decided to take my pup down to the big Metro Richmond Pet Savers event.  The woman who fostered Roman until we adopted him at 3 months was going to be there.  We wanted to stop in for a quick visit so she could see how much he had grown.  She was very appreciative of the visit and couldn't believe how much he had changed.

I then spent the rest of Saturday enjoying the company of some girl friends.  We had a small get-together in the afternoon, and then met up again for dinner and wine later that night. 

Sunday was quite typical.  I did a lot of resting, relaxing, Skins watching, laundry, and I baked a pumpkin pie.  I LOVE pumpkin pie, so I can't quite figure out why I only make it in the fall.  Who's to say that you can't have pumpkin pie all year long?

Now that I have told you all about my run-free weekend on a running blog, I should finish my lunch and get back to work.  I hope to be able to talk about some amazing runs soon, but in the mean time, I will continue to read about all things running on some of my favorite blogs to keep me motivated during this frustrating time.

Have a great week!


  1. Sorry about your back hurting. I think you made the right choice in not running the 10K so you can rest up and do the race in a couple weeks. Get better soon!

  2. I'm sorry things didn't work out quite as you'd planned but I admire our positive attitude. ::hugs::

  3. Suzi, are you running again? Lingering back pain, or any pain for that matter, can be so disappointing when you have a race planned. I hope you're feeling better!