Saturday, October 2, 2010

September ends, October begins

September was a decent month, but far from great.  I spent half the month not being able to run.  Luckily that changed a couple weeks ago and I'm slowly getting back to where I was before being sidelined.  I only logged 25.3 miles this month.  I am looking forward to seeing what October brings as I continue to recover.

On the plus side, I have now been blogging for a full month now.  I have to say that I'm impressed that I have kept at it.  I wasn't sure if I would when I started, but I think now that I have made it a month, I shouldn't have any trouble staying with it.

But that's enough about last month.  I think I will save a full recap until next month when I will hopefully have much more exciting things to look back upon.

It looks like October is going to be a great month.  We are just two days into it and I have run both days, and volunteered for a race.  I have 2 races lined up this month, the American Family Fitness 10k on 10/9 and the Army 10 Miler on 10/24.  I am really looking forward to running a race in the nation's capital.  It is going to be amazing!  And on the non-running side, October brings two very important puppy turns 1 on the 8th and my boyfriend has his birthday on the 20th.  I need to do some thinking about what to do for Mike, but I already have plans for the pup.  I'm getting him a cake (yes, I'm one of those crazy people) and having his little dachshund friend, Winston, over to enjoy it with him.  This will be quite the sight, I'm sure!  And if all of this isn't great enough, my mom is flying in from Indiana to visit for a few days and she'll be here when I run the race up in DC.  FUN!

Now, let me tell you more about this morning's race...
Today was the Capital 10 Miler here in Richmond.  I didn't sign up to run it for two reasons--1) I wan't sure if my hip would be healed in time, and 2) I'm already running a 10 Miler later in the month and I didn't want to do too much.  So, I did the next best thing and signed up to help with the race.  I was assigned the job of course marshal and was pleased to see that I was to be posted not too far from my house.  I decided that instead of driving this morning, I would just walk.  I left my place at 6:30 and headed over to Byrd Park.  It was so peaceful walking this morning while most of the city was still asleep.  I walked along the Boulevard and passed by the new Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  I have yet to check it out, but I hear it is wonderful.

Only 2 blocks from my place...why haven't I been yet!?!
As I was walking it occured to me that I haven't posted any photos of myself, except for my small profile picture.  So, I snapped a quick shot while walking past the museum.  You can see my new shorter haircut that I was debating about getting in a post last week.

I chopped off 6 inches last week...eek!
I made it to my post early, so I just sat down on a bench and enjoyed watching the day begin.  I drive by this little lake every time I take the pup to the dog park, but I have never stopped.  I think it is lovely.

The race started at 7:30.  I was posted at the 3.5 mile mark, so it wasn't long before the speedy runners came through.  Unfortunately, once the runners started coming through, I wasn't able to take any more photos...I was too busy clapping, and cheering, and yelling.  It was so much fun.  And the best part was getting to see so many folks that were on my training team this summer.  I was able to give a few extra shouts to my friends Heather, Maria, and Nigel!  They were all doing great!

It didn't take long, and all the runners had come through.  It was time to head on back home.  I called and talked to my momma on the 1.2 miles back to the house and then promptly went inside and changed into my running gear.  I couldn't stand not running after seeing all my teammates kicking butt at the race.  I ended up doing 6 miles in 1 hour and 6 minutes.  I would have liked to have gone further, but I had already walked 2.5 miles, so I decided 6 miles was good enough.

I have now rambled on, and on, and I will stop now.  I should finish getting cleaned up so I can take the pup out for a short walk before heading out to spend the evening with my friend, Allison.  Dinner and girl talk...sounds like a perfect Saturday night.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations on your first month anniversary as a blogger! ::cheers::

    That shot of the lake is beautiful.

  2. You have few followers for blogging only for a month ! :) good job on running 6 miles and starting october on a good note....i also love the month of october ...enjoy it:)

  3. that was great that you volunteered, races wouldn't happen otherwise!!