Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Let's Get Started...

I completed my first half marathon this past Saturday, the Patrick Henry Half Marathon in Ashland, VA.  It was tough, and my time was pretty horrible, but it has me motivated to keep working hard.  I will be doing another half in November, so I'm really hoping to see a huge time improvement.

I have come across quite a few running blogs, and I have loved reading them.  I'm hoping that by starting my own, I will keep myself motivated and hold myself accountable to get out there each day and keep running.

I haven't quite decided what training plan I will use, but I have few days to narrow it down.  I'm using this week to recover from Saturday's half and I'll get back into it full force on Monday.  I'm sure I'll do a couple runs in the mean time, but nothing too serious.

OK, let's see where this takes me....

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